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LGBTQ+ Travelers Lead the Way in Reconnecting with the World

Travel Exemplified: The Resilience of the LGBTQ Travel Market

Travel has always been a high priority for LGBTQ+ travelers. With so many ready to travel in 2021, it’s no surprise that the top destinations right now are countries that are both LGBTQ+ friendly and that offer the opportunity to reconnect with nature, such as Tahiti and Iceland.

According to John Tanzella, President of IGLTA (International LGBTQ+ Travel Association), LGBTQ+ travelers “are among the most resilient and loyal segment, traveling more frequently than non-LGBTQ travelers. Travel really feels like part of our DNA in many ways – the need to seek out and find welcoming places to spend our time and money.”

A recent study by the IGLTA Foundation underscores the resilience of the LGBTQ+ market and their eagerness to travel. In April 2021, 73% of global respondents said they plan to take their next major vacation before the end of 2021.

Miami based Source Events, the leader in LGBTQ+ luxury travel, sees Tahiti growing in popularity, with this year being their third voyage. “After a year at home, our travelers want to reconnect with the world in a new way,” says Craig Smith, President and Founder of Source Events. “Our guests are attracted to the spirit of Tahiti, its turquoise lagoons, world-class snorkeling, and striking volcanic peaks. They want more intimate voyages, which is why we again chartered Windstar’s Wind Spirit. With the luxury of just 120 guests, travelers can experience the magic of Tahiti from the privacy of their own private yacht. Activities such as morning yoga, meditation, and enrichment talks are like having a personal retreat at sea.”

Olivia Travel, which caters to the women’s market, has also seen a marked increase in bookings, underscoring the resilience of the LGBTQ+ market. “Olivia guests are ready to travel again! With a sold-out charter to Tahiti on Windstar in September of 2021 and another charter scheduled for late July in 2022, Tahiti has always been at the top of our guests’ list when it comes to picking their next vacation,” said Judy Dlugacz, President and Founder of Olivia Travel.

Tahiti has practically eliminated COVID-19, averaging just three cases per day, prompting its reopening as of May 1, 2021. “We are delighted to welcome travelers back,” said Kristin Karlson, managing director of Tahiti Tourisme North America. “Our travelers can be assured that the legendary beauty and hospitality of The Islands of Tahiti remains unsurpassed and can be enjoyed safely with effective health measures in place.”

With so many special celebrations having been put on hold during the past year, “we have many guests celebrating milestone birthdays and anniversaries, and we even have a couple getting married,” adds Smith. The Dreams of Tahiti Cruise, sailing September 16-23, 2021 will also mark another milestone. “There was nowhere else in the world where we would celebrate Source Events’ 20th Anniversary. We’ve timed the cruise so that we’ll be hosting a Full Moon Celebration Feast on Bora Bora, one of the most beautiful islands in the world.”

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Content courtesy of Kersten Communications and Source Events