J. Cohen’s Day Spa

J. Cohen’s Day Spa

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A new spa, a new look, and a new venue

By Steven O. Evans, PhD

Ready for an afternoon of relaxation? Need some rejuvenation? Whether you are a local or visiting South Florida, J. Cohen’s Day Spa offers a wide array of services to pamper yourself for that “just right” time for yourself. As the owner, Jimmy takes great pride in his business and sees to the ultimate client experience.

We sat down to speak with Jimmy Cohen, owner of J. Cohen’s Day Spa, and Mario Martinez, one of their beloved massage therapists. Licensed by Florida College of National Health, Jimmy is a paramedical aesthetician who specializes in anti-aging facials, microneedling, chemical peel, body peel, full body waxing and shaving, nail care, and body exfoliation. Jimmy is joined by master massage therapists, Mario Martinez and Iñigo Valencia.

Steven O. Evans, PhD: What inspired you to start J. Cohen’s Day Spa?

Jimmy Cohen: As a paramedical esthetician, I have always been fascinated by skincare, so I wanted to offer quality services that aren’t readily available to men today. With such a major market geared towards women, it has always been my dream to have my own spa with the best products creating a space to relax for men.

SOE: What sets your spa apart from the others?

JC: Quality! I always put the client first and I always have an interest in watching visible improvement for someone who has issues with their skin. I always go above and beyond to ensure the client is satisfied, as well as sharing my knowledge for so many that are lost or confused with products and services on the market today. Not only do I provide the best treatments possible, but I also offer rewards and discounts for my most loyal clients.

SOE: Jimmy, how did you get in the cosmetology field?

JC: Since I was a kid, I always cared about my skin and I loved to moisturize [laughs], I would do my mom, dad, and my aunt’s nails. I was always playing with hair and I’ve been shaving my unibrow since 7th grade! Later it just seemed natural to move onto it as a career.

SOE: What are your day spa areas of speciality?

JC: Deep tissue massage, bamboo, hot stone, reflexology, body exfoliation and wraps, chakra balance, and infrared therapy.

SOE: Why should everyone get a massage?

Mario Martinez: I believe massage improves circulation, your nervous system, controls your anxiety, and relaxes your muscles.

JC: You took the words out of my mouth (laughs). Mario is amazing and I encourage everyone to book their next massage with Mario and all the rest of the team at the day spa.

Make an appointment to visit Jimmy, Mario, and the rest of their team by calling (754) 206-4687, visiting them at 3045 North Federal Highway, Suite 42, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33306, or on their website at www.JimmyCohensDaySpa.com.