In Dedication of Mayor Flippen

In Dedication of Mayor Flippen

By Steven O. Evans, PhD

I arrived home Tuesday night, February 25, 2020, from a trip with my boyfriend. We had been visiting my dad who was on his annual fishing trip. Just as we had gotten home, I was devastated to hear the news about the passing of my friend and our Mayor of Wilton Manors, Justin Flippen.

Justin was kind enough to come to our mixer a few weeks ago, and I had just run into him a few days ago at a local business on “The Drive,” as he was socializing and making his rounds as Mayor.

We were so lucky, blessed, and honored to have had Justin as our Mayor of Wilton Manors. He truly loved being mayor of our city. His leadership at projects, meetings, and governing was a skillset that helped move our city forward. But Justin also loved being Mayor because he enjoyed people – the people of our city. He was always out and about, talking, smiling, and laughing. Most importantly, he would make them feel like the mayor was listening to each and every single thing they had to say.

I, and our entire city, are saddened at this loss. Justin was our leader and friend. He will always be missed.

Steven O. Evans, PhD