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Healthy Game Day Snacks

(Courtesy of Florida Medical Center)

Who doesn’t love watching their favorite sports teams? Especially when the weather cools down and the action heats up. So, how do you serve up tasty game day snacks without blowing your fitness goals?

Here are several crowd-pleasing options to keep the flavor and crunch you crave, while reducing saturated fat and empty calories. And, we won’t tell if you want to keep the “healthy” part to yourself.

    • Raw Veggies with Low-fat Greek Yogurt-based Dip or Hummus. Try this instead of ranch dressing or sour cream-based dip. Cut up carrots, celery, and broccoli, then serve.
    • Natural or Low-fat Popcorn. Lightly salted or unsalted (and without butter).
    • Guacamole. Simply combine 2-3 ripe avocados with a tablespoon of lime juice, dash of salt, and ground black pepper to taste. Yum.
    • Healthier Chips! Get creative (and colorful). Serve baked chips, sweet potato chips, kale or beet chips, or blue corn tortilla chips. Serve in a bowl. Tip: For easier portion control, never nosh on snack foods straight from the bag.
    • Spinach Quesadillas. Start with whole grain tortillas, sautéed spinach, and your favorite low-fat cheese. Place ingredients on the tortilla, top with another, and lightly sauté or grill each side to melt the cheese. Remove from heat, cut into wedges, and serve warm (with guacamole or salsa).
  • Lightly-salted Pretzels. Speaks for itself.
  • Fresh Fruit. Cut up fresh pineapple, strawberries, apple, and cantaloupe into bite size chunks and while you’re at it, toss in some blueberries.
  • Raw Almonds. Pour in a small bowl, grab a handful, and share.

Woo-Hoo! Go, Team!