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Getting Bids as Easy as 1, 2 3

By Rod Davis CEO BBB

Serving Southeast Florida and the Caribbean

Even though we are busier every day, hiring the wrong business can create problems that will not only consume hour upon hour, but will have a negative impact on your bank account. BBB tries to help consumers find businesses that have earned trust, and because even the best businesses can make a mistake, BBB Accredited Businesses agree to review, respond, and work to resolve complaints filed with BBB.

And because you don’t always have time to interview and screen businesses, BBB does much of the initial work for you. BBB Accredited Businesses must be properly licensed, have a good track record with consumers, advertise honestly and work proactively with consumers. BBB permits you to request quotes from businesses directly or send a request to obtain multiple quotes (up to 3). It all begins with a start to

Whether you are looking for a business to fix your roof or an attorney to draft a contract, the tool makes it easy for you to obtain quotes and find the right business for you. Next you will complete a form and upload pictures to help you get complete quotes. I recently used this tool to obtain quotes from three businesses to manufacture and install plantation shutters in two bedrooms I was remodeling. I wanted to match the shutters I had in the rest of the house so I took a picture of the shutters, measured the windows, and indicated that I wanted the composite shutters. By providing as much information as possible, you will receive more detailed responses. The Request A Quote form lets you indicate if you prefer to be contacted by email or by phone.

Once the information is provided, you can relax until receiving an email telling you that quotes are ready for your review. The information sent to you together with the quote will permit you to review the business profile and information to help you decide which business provides the best option for you.

After reviewing my options and checking out the businesses, I sent an email and made an appointment for the business to come to my house and make final measurements. Once that was complete, we signed the agreement and the business gave me a timeframe of 4-5 weeks for the shutters to be manufactured. The business called me when the shutters were ready and we set the time for installation. Today I have matching shutters in every room and never had to leave my house.

Most projects go smoothly, but remember to keep all of your paperwork and agreements. Keep tabs on the projects and deadlines. If a deadline is missed, call the business and ask for an explanation and get any promises in writing. All agreements should have a payment plan that retains a significant amount of the payment to be made only after the work is completed and satisfactory. In some instances, there may be reasonable disagreements and BBB is a resource to help resolve disputes and if necessary, even offer dispute resolution services. BBB requires all BBB Accredited Businesses to live up to the BBB Code of Business Practices. It is nice to have that support behind you, but the best news is that you will likely never need it.

Once the work is complete, take time to share your experience with our community by leaving a review at If the business did a great job, let them know. If the business did not live up to expectations, you should let them know what they can do to improve. Good businesses appreciate the feedback and will take constructive comments to heart and either refine their process or provide additional training to employees.