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December 2020 Letter from the Publisher

By Steven O. Evans, Phd

Happy Holidays! It’s hard to believe that we are almost to the end of 2020. This year has been one of the most difficult for much of our nation and world. Ironically, 20/20 vision is defined as clarity. However, the year of 2020 has been one of uncertainty, division, and isolation.

We have almost made it to the end, and we will continue to make it. Remember, “whatever doesn’t kill us, can only make us stronger.”

The holidays are usually a time of laughter and cheer. Let us continue that tradition this year, despite the challenges we have had or what may be to come. We can control only our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

Let us take this time to reflect on what blessings we do have. Simple things like clean drinking water, a phone to call a friend from, a special song that cheers us up, or our favorite movie are all things to be thankful for.

Remember, YOLO, “You Only Live Once.” Make it count for you and those around you. Give that as your gift this holiday season. May happiness be abounding.¹

¹ As quoted from and in memory of Dr. Angela Easterday-Holder, former Chair and Professor of Music at Carson-Newman University.