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Dating Chat App Photos

How to take the perfect profile picture

By Joseph A. Federico

We are living in a day and age where the selfie is king, right after content, of course. We are all our own living, breathing, personal brands, whether it be as small business owners, entrepreneurs, selling products, or what have you.

And, because the selfie is the definitive key to success in today’s society, it is even more important in the world of dating. Long gone are the days of elongated dating profiles that went on page after page. People, men especially within our LGBTQ community, want it fast and furious, to know who you are, what you’re willing to do, and truthfully, what you look like.

Are you hot? A daddy? Slim and thin? Hunky and hung? That’s the world we’re living in, so the pic’s gotta tell a thousand words, or less.

And sometimes, people just don’t know how to express their looks through the lens. We’re here to help you with that potential mishap.

  1.   Smile pretty for the camera

No one will click your profile or want to chat you up if you have a sour puss look on your face. Even though you may be having a terrible, horrible, no good, and very bad day. You have to smile and maybe even fake it. But don’t come across as too fake and toothy, because that can be a turn off, too. Position your face so you have the best bathroom lighting behind and in front of you.

  1.   Don’t crop, it’s weird

People can and will tell if a photo has been cropped. It’s weird and tells a story about you all on its own. Does this dude not like his friends? Is there something I have to be concerned with before meeting him? Oh jeez, I hope he didn’t crop a photo of his ex. We all carry portable cameras with us, so taking a single selfie all by your lonesome shouldn’t be that much of a project.

  1.   No nudes

Dudes, be cautious about this piece of advice. It is perfectly PG to posts pics of your pecs and stomachs, and even gym selfies of you sweating, but nudes are kind of rude. If you’re trying to attract a date and a mate (or beyond), keep some parts of you behind the iron curtain until opening night. Flex those muscles and keep that stomach flat, but please don’t flaunt your junk. Follow?

  1.   No groups, keep them for the bedroom

You want the person you are trying to attract to see you and only you, right? Steer clear of group photos with friends or family members, because the men interested in you will then have to play a frustrating game of “who’s who.” Furthermore, if you do post a group photo, don’t be lazy and circle your face in said photo. That is just lazy.

  1.   Editing may not be the best option
    There are so many apps available that allow you to blend blemishes and change hair and eye color. Don’t fall for the temptation! Sure, you may want to edit the background of a photograph, but if you alter your face too much, you won’t look like, well, you. And it will be a turnoff to those you attract. Also stay away from the puppy dog ears and cat eyes, unless you’re really into that.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve found the person you’re interested in has really strange or even grotesque pictures on their profile? How about just plain old weird? Yeah, think about those times and practice “Stop, Drop, and Click,” when proceeding with a dating app. You’ll thank us in the long run.

About the author: Joseph A. Federico is a self-taught author and journalist. After “publishing” his first newspaper in the ’90s, headlining a story about Santa Claus’s midnight ride with then-popular Swamp Thing, Federico’s family knew he had a journalistic knack. Having been published in magazines such as Debonair, Steppin’ Out and Canada’s premier South Asian magazine, Darpan, Joseph covers topics ranging from wedding fare, fashion trends and men’s health issues. He currently owns and operates Anchors To Dusk Publishing, LLC and its subsidiary, a marketing consulting firm, under the name of Anchors To Dusk Media.