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By Eric Noel Roman

“What is that incessant noise? Loud, obnoxious, and has broken my deep sleep. Oh, the alarm clock. Well, here is the first choice of the day.” To snooze or not to snooze? Every day people are given choices. Depending on which decision is made, it can dictate mood, motivation, and future options. Hit the snooze button to get a few minutes of extra sleep or, get up and start the day fully productive. Choose the best option once and the second choice is equally easy. Which will be the better of the two. Think about it for a second. If waking up and getting the day started is a strong start, then instead of the unhealthy breakfast, it is easier to reach for the healthy meal. Next, follow up with a morning exercise routine, and boom, the day is rolling in the green.

Throughout the day options are presented. On occasion we stray from our goals and are counter productive. Maybe instead of having a healthy snack, like a fruit or vegetable, we indulge and have a bacon cheese burger. It is ok. But, the next decision made will require more will power because the thought may be, “I already messed up.”

That thought process will lead to another poor choice. However, if the thought is to just jump back into the proper choices, no harm no foul. That mindset focuses on the positive outcome of all future variables. There is no focus on the poor choice. Each alternative is left to one experience at a time. After I elect to eat that burger, I proceed to go for a short run or cut out dessert after dinner. I know there will be another moment in the day to pick what is best. It is a scary thought to make a mistake. Mistakes need to happen. They are the process by which lessons are learned.

Certain decisions become automatic. I remember when I was starting my journey of fitness and healthier eating. I would struggle to even get started. Going out for a run was always a mental argument. After some time, my brain started to wake me up early and tell me, “Time to run, Eric.”

Finding the best meal alternatives has become automatic. I know now that if I eat poorly my body will punish me by slowing me down or giving me an upset stomach during training. In turn, I also know that I am not perfect, and I will give into that tasty Tiramisu or have that footlong hot dog. So if that decision is poor, it will not affect your next choice.

There is no better time than the present to begin the journey to change. Start making better choices immediately. It does not matter what time of the day, day of the week, or week of the year. Also, age plays no role in improvement. It is all a mindset. An effective method that sets a path for better times ahead.

Once the mindset of basing choices for the moment becomes habit, it becomes easier to forgive the past mistakes. Dwelling on that second slice of pizza or having the extra large slice of cake eventually becomes less of an issue. The following decision will not only be based on that moment, but they will also be based on a positive mindset.