Change.  Connect.  Love.
Photo by Michael Murphy Photographic

Change. Connect. Love.

By Steven O. Evans, PhD

Change. That’s one of the scariest words in the English language. But right now, we are all wanting just that, change. A change back to normal. But what is normal? What will normal be?

Who would have thought that an airborne virus would have attacked our country and our world so quickly, putting everyone in the physical lockdown. The economic and emotional impact that this has created has been unprecedented.

Unlike other pandemics in the past, our digital world has created connections that we have been almost forced to use. We are video conferencing each other. FaceTime™, Zoom™, Facebook Live™, HouseParty™, and so many others. Our digital world has exploded like we never expected. This is now our key to staying connected and to our source of information.

I know many (all?) of us are frustrated, unsure, lonely, and maybe even angry. Our expectations of our government, relationships, religious beliefs, medical providers, careers, and maybe even ourselves, are all shaken to the core. I know I have taken much time to reflect on life and what is most important.

I do know this. We were built for relationships. At the end of this “mess,” we as people were made for relationships. The current strain on our economy is only exacerbated by our continual and uncertain disconnect from those that mean the most to us.

But this will end. Whatever the “new normal” will bring, our relationships can and will sustain us. If I have (re-)learned anything through this personally, it is this, “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.“ So, let happiness abound.

Peace to each of you.

Steven O. Evans

Publisher & Editor in Chief