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Break Out The Good Dishes

By Steven O. Evans, PhD

Cleaning can either be a chore or a cathartic experience.  In July of last year, I wrote about a song from Point of Grace called, “How You Live [Turn Up the Music].” Some of the words include, “Use your good dishes.”  

Amidst the many personal challenges in the song, this one came to life for me this month.  I started cleaning out my kitchen cabinets and china hutch.  I had plates that were awkward to use because of the way they are shaped, but I kept them because I liked the color and style.  I had other decorator plates that didn’t fit in the microwave or dishwasher.  Silverware that didn’t match and came from who knows where.  Lots of just “stuff” that was taking up space.  It all went to Poverello and Out of the Closet so someone else can use them.

Next was the china hutch.  The “good” dishes are now my “everyday” dishes.  The “special” glasses I now use all the time.  The cloth napkins came out. And, I had bought a beautiful flatware set at Wilton Collective that makes the set complete.

Why keep them locked away?  Someone special taught me to bring out the beautiful things in life.  Don’t keep them hidden away.  

What “things” in your life need to be moved away to make space for some amazing things?  What joy might be waiting, that is there to be uncovered?  Don’t be afraid to use your good dishes.  

Cause it’s not who you knew

And it’s not what you did

It’s how you live¹

May happiness be abounding


Steven O. Evans, PhD

Editor in Chief

¹Point of Grace, “Turn Up the Music”

²Dr. Angela Easterday-Holder, former Chair and Professor of Music at Carson-Newman University.