An Unexpected Love Story

An Unexpected Love Story

Now that the title of the show alone has your attention, let’s talk about the play itself. Are you ready for a night of drama, comedy, sex, romance, satire, tragedy, and a look at the dating life? Then sit back, relax, and enjoy a night at the Wilton Theatre Factory with a couple of muscled “straight” Marines. Ronnie Larsen Presents brings this night of entertainment to Wilton Manors that explores sexual identity in a way that will not only make you laugh, but think more about how we might compromise our views and roles to just make life “happen.” OutClique talked to Ronnie Larsen about his upcoming production. Cocksucker: A Love Story is presented April 26 – May 19, 2019. Get tickets and more information at or by calling (954) 826-8790.

OutClique Magazine: The title is attention grabbing! Tell us more about the show.

Ronnie Larsen: First, the title is really not a gimmick! The story tells the challenges of a man who loves to be with straight men and how he goes about finding that until he meets someone who makes him feel something more. The story is not about gay or bi or even straight men – it gets to what makes someone attractive to us and blows labels sky-high.

OCQ: What about the “straight” roles of the main characters?

RL: Most of the characters identify as straight, but the play refuses to follow the idea that having gay sex makes you gay. If you are with another male sexually, are you automatically made gay because the gender of the other person is male? Isn’t sexual identification more a mental state that the individual claims than a set of rules? Can you self-identify as straight and still have sex with a person who displays as female, but is very obviously born male? Does it matter?

OCQ: Is the show really a mix of drama, comedy, sex, and tragedy? And how so?

RL: The show is hilarious as it pokes fun at a mix of all things sexual because sex is so varied and intriguing. As sex turns into love, things always get complicated, with a mix of drama, tragedy, and comedy competing with the physical fun of sex.

OCQ: What’s your favorite part of the show?

RL: The scenes in the adult theater where there is no dialogue and the story is told in actions. It is the essence of theater, seeing the actions on stage and seeing the story unfold by what the actors are doing, not saying. There is an epiphany during one scene that is better when told in nonverbal actions – it makes theater fun to do something like that.

OCQ: How have previous audiences reacted to the show?

RL: Audiences have loved the show! That is why it is returning to the main stage! The characters are so memorable. Truckstop Sally is still talked about years after the play debuted and people want to know what is happening with her now as she is such a compelling character. Maybe I’ll have to write another play about her to let everyone know what she is up to today.

Don’t miss this unique show! Get your tickets at or by calling (954) 826-8790.