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Two – Plus One?

By Steven O. Evans, PhD

After a 14-month run in New York City, Afterglow comes to South Florida. Ronnie Larsen Productions is proud to be presenting one of the first productions of this play outside of New York. Afterglow is a complex play about monogamy and the risks involved with an open marriage. It is a raw, one-act play exploring the emotional, intellectual, and physical connections between three men and the broader implications within their relationships. OutClique was able to talk to Ronnie about the show and it’s premier in Wilton Manors.

OutClique: How were you able to bring this Broadway show to Wilton Manors?

Ronnie Larson: I applied for the rights for South Florida knowing the community would want to see this play. I am excited that the rights were given to me and after seeing the NYC production of Afterglow. I’m certain our community will respond positively.

OCQ: How does the show challenge our traditional paradigm of relationships?

RL: By featuring a committed couple in an open relationship, I hope it opens dialogue between the audience members. While monogamy is the default in most straight relationships, our community does operate under fewer restrictions and taboos. Afterglow should begin discussions between couples about their own relationship structure.

OCQ: What will the audience take away from seeing Afterglow?

RL: I think the audience will take a fresh look at traditional marriage structures and give some thought to the pluses and pitfalls of our ability to mold our own gay relationships without these strictures. We don’t have to follow traditional monogamy, but should we?

OCQ: Should audiences expect a drama or a comedy?

RL: Afterglow doesn’t fall into easy categorization. All drama has comedic undertones and all comedies have a serious basis. Afterglow will have many such contradictions. It’s more important that the audience leave thinking about what the play means to them. And, that they enjoyed themselves most of all!

OCQ: Will we fall in love with any other characters?

RL: Each of the three characters will appeal to different people. Each of the actors has an appeal to certain people in the audience. How can you just pick one to fall in love with?

The show will be presented in the larger mainstage theater of Wilton Theater Factory. It opens February 14, 2019 and runs through March 10, 2019. Tickets can be purchased at