A Call for LGBT Heroes
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A Call for LGBT Heroes

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April 4-7, 2019

By Christian De La Huerta

What does it mean to be a hero, to live heroically, in these times, when we don’t have a horse hitched outside, armor to wear, and demons to slay, except the ones within?

We associate heroism with those of great courage who accomplish extraordinary feats or selflessly place themselves at personal risk for the sake of another, a larger community or a cause. What if we expanded the way we think of heroism to include everyday struggles and challenges that lead to our own personal growth and spiritual transformation, in service to something greater than ourselves? Perhaps in so doing we do not place ourselves at risk of physical survival in the way a warrior hero does, but being willing to look within, face ourselves and do the necessary work of self-healing is no less heroic. Freeing ourselves from our conditioning, healing our wounds and transcending our past traumas is an act of tremendous courage and selflessness that is truly the stuff of heroes.

Perhaps the “s word” trips you a bit. It’s no wonder, because many of us confuse spirituality with religion, and given the way we have been treated and continue to be treated by many religions in the world. But, as I put forth in my book, Coming Out Spiritually, that many LGBTQ people reject spirituality is tragic and unnecessary. In fact, people we today call lesbian, gay, bi, trans, or queer have a long tradition of fulfilling spiritual roles such as teachers, healers, scouts of consciousness, mediators, and keepers of beauty throughout history and all over the world.

Part of my work over the last 30 years has been to help our community reclaim and redefine that spiritual heritage. As far as I am concerned, trying to reject our spirituality is as ludicrous as attempting to do the same with our sexuality, something many of us tried to do as we struggled with self-acceptance and internalized homophobia. They are both intrinsic parts of being human.

I remain convinced that LGBTQ people have a particular role to play in today’s world, that we are meant to be catalysts for our collective spiritual evolution, and that it’s time we embraced this responsibility. We are living in what may be the most critical juncture in the evolution of humanity. We are at a choice point. At the same time we are witnessing a tightening of the grip of fear, oppression, and authoritarianism, a worldwide spiritual awakening is taking place. What is our role in this extraordinary phenomenon?

But what does it mean to come out spiritually? Have you known or even suspected that you had a role to play as teacher, healer, or spiritual activist? How are you giving expression to those roles in your life? Are you ready to step things up a bit? It’s time.

Come spend a weekend with an intimate group of like-minded committed seekers. Identify, and release, whatever obstacles may have been holding you back from stepping fully into your power and purpose. Let’s explore what we may do together that we may not be able to do separate and alone. We will enjoy inspiring dialogue, soul-nourishing camaraderie, deep healing, rituals, four life-changing breathwork sessions, and exquisite meals as we break through beyond past limitations to unleash our true potential. And, we will have fun!

A Call for LGBT Heroes

April 4-7, 2019

Coconut Grove, FL