Tom Goss Returns to Fort Lauderdale

Tom Goss Returns to Fort Lauderdale

Saturday, November 10, 2018

By Steven O. Evans, PhD

OutClique magazine is excited to bring singer and performer, Tom Goss, to SunShine Cathedral on Saturday, November 10, 2018.  

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We are excited to have you back in Fort Lauderdale for your show.  What can the audience expect?

The audience can expect ‘the feels.’ I pride myself on my vulnerability and authenticity as a performer. That openness helps take the listener on an emotional journey. I am an avid storyteller, setting the mood for songs that range from joyous and uplifting, to troubled and conflicted. Approaching songs in this way helps connect the listener to the music in a deeper and more real way.

Tell us about your most recent album.

What Doesn’t Break is a testament to growing up. I don’t mean “growing up”  in the sense of, from child to man, although it does touch on that. I mean “growing up” in the sense of working to fully integrate and actualize as a person.

As a gay man, the journey to self-actualization is often a little more complicated. The songs and stories behind the songs capture a wide range of human experience. They explore my teenage angst about my parents’ crumbling relationship, familial rejection as a result of coming out, falling in love while training to become a Catholic Priest, and marital infidelity. In the end you’ll hear a recommitment to love, relationship and trust in a more open and honest way. After all, these are the things that make this life worth living.

What is your favorite song to perform?

Oh man, I don’t know that I can answer that. More than anything I enjoy performing songs that I can feel the audience connecting to in real time. That said, my favorites tend to be Breath and Sound, Wait, Bears, Lover, All My Life. These songs are all very different, but when I’m playing them I can literally feel the energy that I’m giving to the audience coming back to me in multitudes, it’s very energizing.

Do you write your own music or where do you find your songs?

Yup! I write my own songs. I have no idea where they come from or how they get out of me, but I’m very happy they do!

What’s it like to be an out and gay performer?

I strive for authenticity as an artist. That means that it is essential that I am honest to my sexuality and my love for my husband. I love that about my job. I am grateful to be in a position where I can celebrate my love and the uniqueness (and universality) of that love. I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Not really. I tend to be excited to perform, running around talking to everyone that’s arriving. I’m an extrovert, so when I see folks arriving it makes me very happy. I just want to give everyone hugs, get them a drink, sit them in a comfy chair, and make them lasagna. Unfortunately the people arriving aren’t arriving in my home, so I have to settle for hugs and a show.

What’s it’s like to be on tour and perform?

I so often feel like the luckiest man in the world. I have met so many wonderful people over the years. I have more friends, more laughter and more love (and more delicious regional cuisine) than I could possibly ever asked for. Far more than young Tom would have ever believed he deserved. There are times when the constant movement is exhausting, but it’s all worth it. Every second!

What things do you like to do while you are in Fort Lauderdale?  

I love Fort Lauderdale! I love the energy. I love the people. I love the sunshine. I am always so proud of my tribe when I’m in Fort Lauderdale. There are a few places in this world that we, as gay men and women, have claimed sternly and whole heartedly. Fort Lauderdale is one of those places, and it shows. My favorite thing is to soak in that energy. Meet old friends and new friends. That can be at a restaurant, bar, the beach or a pool party. I guess to simplify, I like making friends when in Fort Lauderdale, and you all make it so easy. Thank you.

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