Important Information Before You Make Any Deed Changes
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Important Information Before You Make Any Deed Changes

We often hear from property owners, all well-intentioned, who lost or seriously compromised their valuable exemptions or Save Our Homes (SOH) protection when they made “do-it-yourself” changes to a deed.

While we always recommend you seek professional advice from a qualified attorney when making title changes, there is information on the various deed types available on our website at This information will help you better understand the key differences between the most common forms of home ownership if you still decide to risk making these changes on your own. Keep in mind these are very simplified explanations of some rather complicated legal issues. Your deed is a document or written legal instrument which, when executed and delivered, conveys an interest in or legal title to a property. Deed recording is the process of registering a transfer of real property with the Broward County Records, Taxes, and Treasury Division.

Should you decide to prepare your own deed, it is important to ensure you have the full and complete legal description. The full legal description for your property can be found on your original recorded deed. The legal description on our website is typically an abbreviated version so you will want to confirm you have the complete legal description so we can process the deed once it has been recorded in County Records and forwarded to our office to update the property record.

Many important documents, including your deed, are already available for free online at Broward County’s Records, Taxes, and Treasury Division’s website. Older deeds prior to 1977 and recorded deeds utilizing social security numbers must be ordered in person or by written request. Broward County Records can be reached at or (954) 831-4000.

To search County Records, simply go online to and enter the public search field. Search by the name of the homeowner and you will be shown applicable property data enabling you to retrieve and print a copy of the recorded deed. You can also find this information on our website at by simply clicking on the “Book Number” located under the “Sales History” chart on the property record page to link to the deed information.

If my office can ever be of assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at (954) 357-6904 or by email at

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Marty Kiar, CFA

Marty Kiar is the Broward County Property Appraiser and longtime advocate for LGBTQ equality.

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