ADE Gallery Opens in Fort Lauderdale

ADE Gallery Opens in Fort Lauderdale

Recently opened is the gorgeous ADE Gallery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida off A1A Boulevard. “Art, Decor, Expo” make up the title of this chic gallery that is home to over 400 pieces of unique art made by some of the most exclusive modern and contemporary artists working today. An impressive layout is saturated with limitless wall-to-wall variety, making it so that your eyes always have something to admire. Featuring metalwork, acrylic, a collection of textured art made from both wood and metal, and high gloss photography, ADE Gallery itself appears to be a work of art The gallery’s aim is to offer an unparalleled diversity,  even featuring artwork as large as 90 feet in length, and to attract high-end designers and those within the staging services industry. ADE also hopes to appeal to the local and tourist clientele, contributing to the growing artistic community of Fort Lauderdale by creating a destination for first-rate artwork to be enjoyed by all who seek it. With their new location, ADE is an ideal place for art

lovers everywhere to experience what’s new and what’s ‘now’ in the art world.

ADE’s broad selection of metalwork may be the first thing that grabs a visitor’s attention, as the sleek and modern craftsmanship is eye-catching. Various artists fill the walls with their vision brought to life through the permanent and skillful manipulation of metal. Some bold and colorful, some metallic and modern, the metal work featured in ADE’s gallery provides a unique glimpse into the future of this art form. ADE also offers their clientele the special ability to custom order artwork, personalizing their creativity in metal.

Acrylic is a popular and deeply beautiful style of art that ADE proudly displays, adding a certain luminance to the gallery walls. Rich in refreshing color, the acrylic artwork practically jumps out of the frame — showing art as it should be: alive. Variety takes the driver’s seat, as the acrylic style offers no limitation for creativity and originality. The visitor can linger over the acrylic selection and draw energy from his intoxicating beauty.

ADE’s textured art selection will excite the mind and trigger the imagination. At times appearing 3D, the textured art featured on ADE’s walls uses a delicate combination of wood and metal that undergoes an embossing technique, forever etching the design in the materials. Double framed with both a metal and wood frame, the textured art is durable as well as ravishing. See for yourself as this artwork comes to life in dimensions previously thought impossible on a Canvas.

Also double framed with metal and wood, and available as a custom order, ADE’s high-gloss selection is something to behold. World class photography printed on the highest-quality material made from medium-density fibreboard. Glimpse into a snapshot of time and be transported to another place. Enjoy black and white and color images, tones maneuvered to better represent the artist’s vision. View the rare occurrence where quality of concept meets quality of material. ADE’s high-gloss selection promises to inspire.

ADE Gallery offers the best in art and quite plainly, more of it. With an unrivaled selection merged with a comfortable and fluid showing space, ADE Gallery is perfect for the novice art appreciator or the aficionado. It’s a gallery for the person tired of looking at that empty wall in their home and the professional seeking the final piece of art to compliment their office. Even original mirrors or vases are available to help provide a sense of luxury to your environment. 

Explore. Experience. Customize. Come to ADE Gallery and delve into a world of art that evokes more of your senses than simply sight.

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