Joe Posa as Joan Rivers

“Certainly, the figure in the outrageous black and gold ruffled coat and black pants on stage at New York’s Metropolitan Room sounds and looks a lot like Joan Rivers. As someone fortunate enough to have interviewed the real Rivers, the similarities of voice and presence between Joe Posa and Rivers are resonant and mesmerizing,” says Tim Tim Teeman of The Daily Beast.


Two – Plus One?

After a 14-month run in New York City, Afterglow comes to South Florida. Ronnie Larsen Productions is proud to be presenting one of the first productions of this play outside of New York. Afterglow is a complex play about monogamy and the risks involved with an open marriage. It is a raw, one-act play exploring the emotional, intellectual, and physical connections between three men and the broader implications within their relationships.

Who’s Your Daddy?

Daddy Issues Premiers in South Florida

Nominated in 2017 for Best Off Broadway Play, Daddy Issues tells the story of Donald who is trying to live his life as a gay man in 1980s in New York. His parents are in denial about his lifestyle, disapprove of his career choice, and question his flair for decoration. Donald is always upfront about being gay but to get his family to stop kvetching, Donald needs a son.

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