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Protecting Yourself and Those Around You

I continue to be blown away by the shares and comments on my previous post. Thank-you, all! I only post to educate and empower, so that we may all get through this together and protect ourselves and those that we love from unwanted and unnecessary misery and suffering. In that spirit, I offer some additional thoughts:

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The Coronavirus Pandemic

Important Facts and Information

I’ve been texted and messaged by so many who know my infectious diseases and infection control training background and I’m honored that you would ask me what to think and do about the Coronavirus pandemic. 

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Hot Events​

What’s Out in South Florida

Don’t sit home. There’s lots going on in gay and gay-friendly South Florida. Check out these events. Mark you calendars. Get your tickets.

What’s Going on in LGBTQA+ South Florida

Read up on this month’s happenings in gay and gay-friendly South Florida.

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